Free Tour Essential Sevilla. FREE VISIT

EVERY DAY AT 10:30 am

Free Tour Essential Sevilla. FREE VISIT

Free tourist route / Free Tour


Our target is showing you Sevilla in a special way... with original guided visits in a funny and, at the same time, entertaining way.

Free tour timing : 2,00 - 2,30 h

In this guided visit we will show you the mainly monuments of Sevilla, we will walk until them, offering you a kind explanation. We will indicate you free places to go as well.

Don´t leave Sevilla without known all about "Real Alcázar", residence of Muslims caliphs as well as Christians Kings, the cathedral, "Archivo de Indias", "La Torre del Oro", the "Salvador" church...

We will indicate you also the bests "tapas" bars, restaurants (where citizens  go..) our habits and traditions. 


We will visit mainly:

  • "Torre del oro".
  • "Real Alcázar"
  • Cathedral/ "Giralda"
  • "Archivo de Indias"
  • "Salvador" Church
  • "San Francisco" Square
  • "Plaza nueva"
  • "Magdalena" Church


How to reserve?

To reserve the guided visit ESSENTIAL SEVILLA ¡free tour! you  have just to click on the RESERVAR button and add the wished date and complete the formulary.  the confirmation is immediate. 


* Once completed the reserve, you will receive the confirmation mail. In the mail you will have all the necessary information for your visit.

* Even more, 24 hours before your guided visit, you will receive a "MAIL" showing you a location map of the meeting point.


*Average duration, our independents guides think about the group preferences, the tour normally include the visit of the indicated placed, the timing could vary depending of the conveniences of the group.


Visit Sevilla Free - Find the blue umbrella in the meeting point.


¿What is a free tour? Visit Sevilla free.


Free tour. Is about a free guided visit in our loved city, where, with the professionalism of our guides, their explanations, knowledge, sense of humour and talent , they will convert your visit in a fantastic experience. At the end, you will reward the effort of the guide with an economic collaboration (voluntary trip).


Free Tour Essential Sevilla. FREE VISIT


"VisitaSevilla Gratis" offer differents touristic tours around Sevilla.

Free tour and guided visit to discover Sevilla in a different way. ¡RESERVE YOUR PLACE!